1. What is FOREX?

Forex or the foreign exchange market is currently the biggest financial market in the world. It is a global decentralized market for currency trading. With a 3 trillion dollar trade volume per day.This marke is open 24/5 globally.

2. What is a Broker?

The broker is an individual or company, which provides access to the financial market. Its role is to provide the tools and platform to be able to trade.
The broker charges a fee or commission for executing buy or sell orders submitted by an investor.

3. How do I transfer money to fund my account?

Once you have opened an account with our partnership broker and provided the required documents for verification purpose. You will have to request inside your log in area to fund your account. The broker will provide you with specific instructions to make the deposits with then.

To clarify, the money will be deposit under a segregate account on a bank account, which means, the broker will not have access to any clients money at any given time. Only under request of the clients for withdrawal, the bank will transfer money in and out of the account into the clients Bank account ONLY

4. What’s YouDoForex role is?

We will trade your account on your behalf ONLY. At any given time we will not have access to the clients money to withdrawal or move the money. For inquiry about any accounts please consult with our partnership broker.

5. How often do we trade?

We trade during Monday to Friday. It depends of the market movement to place any trade. Our trading style is manually and after New York session close. Average trades per week will differ from 1 to 10. More trades would be possible if market conditions are meet.

6. How much money can you make?

It is almost impossible to predict any market movement with 100% accuracy, therefore is impossible to promise a steady profit income. Our average monthly profit will differ from 2% to 40% (Depending on Market conditions) or even more.

7. When can I withdrawal my money?

You can ask for withdrawal at any time with our partnership broker. There is not a minimum or maximum time for the account to start any withdrawal. The amount to be requested is not limited to profit only, the balance plus the profit could be withdrawn upon client’s request.

8. Can I see live trading of my account?

Yes. After open an account with our partnership broker, you will receive an investor account number that will allow you to follow the movements of your account on any device with Internet access. To see your account please download Metatrade4 from the broker on your respective device.

9. What is the minimum investment to qualify for our Account Management?

Currently our minimum investment requirement is 5000$. There is not a maximum. The bigger the initial investment the bigger the profit.

10. How do we trade your account?

Once you have opened your account with our partnership broker, your account will be linked directly to our PAM account. Any future trade places into our account will be places automatically into yours.

11. Do we make lose trades?

Yes. We will have lose trades. Lose trades are part of the nature of trading. The key to success is the Risk Reward ratio and money management with low exposure of the total account on every trade.

12 What’s our Fee?

Currently our Fee is 20% on profit only. We don’t charge any other fee for account maintenance


Initial Account Balance: 5000$
Profit for the month: 30%(5000$*30%)=1500$
Our Fee: 20% (1500*20%)=300$
Total Account Balance After Fee: 6200$